​Adult Specialist Clinics

Clinic NameBreast Clinic
HOUMs Meron Pitcher

Clinic DescriptionWestern Health runs MBS funded Specialist Breast Clinics on Monday and Thursday afternoons at its Sunshine Hospital site for patients who require assessment and management of breast symptoms

Referral guidelines


Click h​ere​​​ for specific access, referral criteria, clinical investigation requirements and recommendations.

Please note referrals that do not contain the minimum investigations outlined above will be returned with a request for more information. Referrers have 30 days to respond to a request for more information otherwise the referral will not be accepted.

Exclusion criteriaWhere symptoms are indeterminate or suspicious for malignancy, refer to guidelines for the Breast Cancer Service here
Red flags – Refer directly to ED if:Any concerns about IMMEDIATE patient safety and management
How to refer

MBS patients are bulk billed. Referrals need to be to the named Head of Unit.

See here for information on how to refer and general contact information.

Note that referrals should be faxed to Adult Specialist Clinics at 8345 6856.  Do not send referrals to Women's Clinic.

Contact for referral queries

Breast Surgical Registrar via switch on 8345 6666

Breast care nursing team on 83456896 (BH Monday to Friday)

​For general enquiries:

Phone: 03 8345 6490, Fax: 03 8345 6856​