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Clinics include:

  • Neurosurgery Clinic
  • Physiotherapy-Led Neurosurgical Service

Neurosurgery​ ​

HOUMr Girish Nair ​



Clinic Description


​Patients will be assessed by either a Neurosurgeon or by a specialised musculoskeletal physiotherapist in conjunction with Neurosurgery Consultants based on stringent guidelines and protocols.​

Inclusion criteria

For patients without neurological disturbance there is an expectation that conservative treatment/management has been trialled such as:

• Exercise

• Physiotherapy

• Weight loss

• Anti-inflammatory medication​

Exclusion criteria

​Chronic back or neck pain without nerve root pain or neurological disturbance​

 Minimum investigation/clinical information required for triage


Referrals for the Neurosurgical Clinic must include a completed Back and Neck Questionnaire.

This form is available in medical software compatible versions.  

Please note referrals that do not contain the Back and Neck questionnaire will be returned with a request for more information.

Please refer to Melbourne HealthPathways at http://melbourne.healthpathways.org.au for guidance in assessing, managing and referring for patient conditions.

Western Health Referral Template

Contact details for referrals

Adult Specialist Clinics

Ph 8345 6490

Fax 8345 6856

Contact for Urgent Referrals

Outpatient Neurosurgical Registrar via switchboard ph 8345 6666

Other contact  ​

Clinic Location


Neurosurgical & Physio-Led Neurosurgical Clinic

Footscray Hospital

Specialist Clinics

Gordon St

Footscray, 3021

BillingPublic Funded Hospital Outpatient clinic ​
Last updated​19-07-16 ​