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The Greatest Need Appeal

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The Greatest Need Appeal

‚ÄčRecognising that many of our patients need additional support beyond what our health service can provide, The Western Health Foundation has launched a major appeal to assist Western Health patients facing hardship.

Through the Greatest Need Project, we have identified the gaps of support for some of our most vulnerable patients in the immediate hours and days following their discharge from hospital, and we are seeking to fill more of those gaps.

We are asking our community to support the Greatest Need Fund, with donations providing practical support for some of our most vulnerable patients in those early hours or days after a crisis, while additional social supports are put in place and arrangements made with community or government organisations.

We estimate that up to 10% of our patients experience severe hardship, and as many as 10,000 patients a year struggle to meet their most basic needs.

This means that every day we may need to assist 27 people.

At an average minimum spend of $25 per person - for basic groceries or a taxi ride home - this adds up to $675 per day.

Our staff estimate that at present, we are only able to assist a fraction of those that would benefit from the Greatest Need Project.

We need your help to reach out to more patients in need, and to keep our community strong and healthy.

Please consider supporting our most vulnerable patients by making a donation to the Greatest Need Project.

To donate, visit or contact the Western Health Foundation on (03) 8345 7660.