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Sunshine attracts the brightest stars

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Sunshine attracts the brightest stars


Paradise, that’s how Sunshine Hospital's Associate Nurse Unit Manager (ANUM) Von Madrinan describes where he hails from— a large picturesque island in the Philippines called Bohol. 

It was here that he studied engineering, before turning his talents to a career in caring. 
After working as a nurse in his local hospital, where he became the Head Nurse of the Emergency Department, and led an emergency medical mission to help in the aftermath of the super typhoon Haiyan, Von sought work further afield. 
The first stop was the United Kingdom (UK). A recruitment blitz saw Von take up a role in the busy hospital system on the other side of the world. 
It was here that he heard about the amazing opportunities in Australia. 
After five years working in the UK, Von and his wife decided to move to Melbourne. 
It’s been almost one year since Von moved to Melbourne’s western suburbs and he loves the cultural diversity and friendly disposition of his new community. 
“Australia is close to the Philippines. There is only a few hours difference in time and the weather is also much better than the UK!” 
“I feel at home at Western Health. My colleagues are very friendly, welcoming and sociable.” 
Von and his wife have welcome two children into the world in the past 18 months, so she has remained in the Philippines to be closer to family. 
“It’s been great at Western Health because I have been able to take paternity leave and parental leave to go back and spend time with them.” 
He hopes his family will join him soon, but in the meantime, Von is enjoying his work and knows that when he is ready to take the next step in his career, it's something that he can achieve within Western Health.
“There are so many opportunities here to extend myself professionally and the nurse-to-patient ratios (one nurse to four patients) and work life balance is great.” 
The experience of working in the Philippines, the UK and now Australia, means Von has a unique insight into the health systems from the perspective of a nurse and manager. 
“The illnesses are much the same, but the way we treat them and the technology available to us, is very different. The workload is much more manageable and there is a higher standard of general healthcare here. 
“I keep telling my friends and former colleagues to come to Australia!" 

Western Health is currently offering VISA sponsorship for internationally qualified Nurses and Midwives looking to move to Melbourne. 

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