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Sonographers leading the path to healing

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Sonographers leading the path to healing

Western Health’s team of sonographers play a critical role in the diagnosis of a wide range of health concerns, using ultrasound technology.

Today, on Australasian Sonographers’ Day, meet one of the people behind the ultrasound machine, Nathan Pham.  Nathan prides himself on the crucial role he plays in getting patients on their healing journey.

“Even though I am not doing the actual treatment, we are there for a diagnosis that will lead to the treatment. We play a huge role in alleviating the anxiety that comes with seeking medical treatment and the relief a patient feels when they take a step towards solving their problem,” he said.

With a passion for obstetrics, Nathan says a sonographers’ role is so much more than performing ultrasounds.

“We’re not just taking the scans, we are narrators. We are interpreting what we see and telling the story for our patients.

"We want the process to be as enjoyable as possible for the parents to be. But it’s not always good news."

At Joan Kirner Women and Children’s (JKWC) at Sunshine Hospital it is the high risk patients who generally walk through his doors. He is there for the highs, but also for the lows.

“Often we will find something wrong with the baby, and we then have to break this bad news. We talk the parents or family through it and then support them towards the next step which sometimes involves counselling to make difficult decisions.”

While this is one of the hardest parts of the job, Nathan said the great team at Sunshine Hospital share the load and support each other through the harder parts of the job. 

Thank you to the wonderful team of sonographers at Western Health for the amazing work you do!