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Revamped Sunshine Hospital fluoroscopy suite

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Revamped Sunshine Hospital fluoroscopy suite

A newly refurbished Fluoroscopy Suite at Sunshine Hospital is providing patients with cutting-edge diagnostic and interventional patient care. 

Each year up to 1000 patients of all ages from Melbourne's western suburbs are treated in the specialised space by Western Health's Medical Imaging (WHMI) team. 

The upgraded suite contains the latest imaging equipment to support staff to deliver the best care to patients. It is also designed to be a calming and safe space for patients.  

"The walls of the new suite have a serene autumnal forest setting, carefully designed to alleviate patient anxiety and aid in pain management," Western Health Director of Medical Imaging Dr Colin Baker said. 

"We also included adjustable LED room lighting, which can cast a calming blue tone, creating a soothing environment for patients and staff alike." 

Fluoroscopy is a type of imaging procedure that uses pulses of an X-ray beam to take real-time footage of tissues inside the body. 

It provides a dynamic look at into the body's structures and functions. Sometimes it involves the patient drinking a liquid that contains a substance that makes parts of their body show up more clearly on the X-ray imaging. 

The suite has a Siemens Artis Zee MP Fluoroscopy system, which provides world-leading image resolution, providing clear insights into body structures with unparalleled detail.  

It also features CARE technology to minimise patient and staff exposure, alongside the MEGALIX Cat Plus tube for superior imaging quality, especially for patients who are overweight or obese. 

"We are delighted to unveil a new realm of healthcare where patient comfort and precise diagnostics converge," he said. 

Pictured: Western Health General X-Ray Supervisor Renee Mineo in the Fluoroscopy Suite at Sunshine Hospital.