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Update to Open Access Board Event 2018

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Update to Open Access Board Event 2018

Please be advised that, in order to broaden the opportunity for community members to contribute their thoughts, the event scheduled for 4 May 2018 has replaced with an online survey.

In 2015 our community (patients, volunteers, staff, community members) identified a number of care needs as important to providing a positive patient experience at Western Health. In 2018, we are keen to seek your thoughts on how well we are meeting each of these needs and your ideas on improving a positive patient experience. To do this, a short online survey has been created, the link to which is below. Your involvement in completing this survey would be greatly appreciated.

Survey results will be available on the Western Health internet ( no later than end June 2018 and are to be reviewed by the Western Health Board to assist with strategic planning for the improvement of our care and services.

Please click on the following link to complete the survey:

Feel free to share this survey link with friends/relatives or community contacts who may have engaged with Western Health within the past 12-18 months.