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It’s never OK

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It’s never OK

​Most healthcare workers want to help others when they're at their most vulnerable. But we are facing a serious issue in our healthcare sector.

Workers are regularly confronted with violence and aggression – from patients, visiting friends and family, even bystanders.

The people who behave this way are not just those under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or those who are not of full capacity of mind. Often it’s everyday people who find themselves in a stressful situation.

No matter the situation, aggression and violence against healthcare workers is never OK.

Let's work together to stop it.

What is occupational violence and aggression?
Unacceptable behaviour can have a negative impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of our healthcare workers.

Most of us understand that extreme acts of violence are unacceptable. But not everyone realises there is a scale of violence and aggression. Some examples include:

  • aggressive gestures or expressions such as eye rolling and sneering

  • verbal abuse such as yelling, swearing and name calling

  • intimidating physical behaviour such as standing in a healthcare worker’s personal space or standing over them

  • physical assault such as biting, spitting, scratching, pushing, shoving, tripping and grabbing

  • extreme acts of violence and aggression such as hitting, punching, strangulation, kicking, personal threats, threats with weapons, sexual assault.

None of these are ok.

Being exposed to these incidents repetitively can have a cumulative and significant ongoing effect on wellbeing.

Report aggressive and violent behaviour – because It’s never OK.

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