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Introducing Makulita Joan Kirner Hausia

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Introducing Makulita Joan Kirner Hausia

​A family who moved to the western suburbs only two weeks ago has named their new baby after the Joan Kirner Women's and Children's Hospital where she was born on Tuesday. 

Proud parents Tallahassee and Taufa have no family in Australia but are so happy that everything worked out with the birth of their first child that they have given her the middle name Joan Kirner.

New Dad Tallahassee said their families at home in Tonga encouraged them to name their daughter after the hospital "so we can always remember" their positive experience.

The family came to Australia from Tonga about a year ago to do seasonal work picking fruit, and it's now too expensive to get home with the increases in flight prices since the start of the pandemic.

The couple commended the exceptional care they have been given and have been impressed with the skills of the doctors and nurses involved in their care.

"We have no family to support us but we trust the staff who tell us 'everything will be ok'. It calmed us down and now we know everything will be ok. We feel like we have family here to support us. Everyone smiles. People really care."

 Baby Makulita Joan Kirner family.jpg