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A bid for a baby monitor boost

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A bid for a baby monitor boost

christmas-appeal-woman-in-bath.jpgPregnant women who require continuous monitoring of their baby’s heartbeat, movements, and the mother’s contractions during labour are set to benefit from a new Western Health fundraising drive, supported by Fernwood Fitness.

The Western Health Foundation is raising funds to purchase 14 new wireless cardiotocography (CTG) machines for Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Sunshine Hospital.

The technology provides real-time information on the baby's wellbeing and, when necessary, helps decisions to be made quickly for the health of the mother and the baby.

Currently, 19 of the existing 35 CTG machines at the hospital are ‘wired’, which means the pregnant women need to remain in bed during labour to stay connected to the machine.

This restricts the mother’s movement and limits the ways she can position herself during labour.

Wireless CTG machines mean women are free to move around during labour, enabling them to get as comfortable as possible.

Research shows that mothers who have free movement during childbirth have higher positive birth outcomes and an increased positive labour experience.

At Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s almost 7000 babies are born each year.

Around 90 per cent of pregnant women require fetal monitoring to detect and prevent any potential adverse outcomes in labour.

Fetal monitoring occurs during labour, but it is also essential during monitoring of high-risk pregnancies or when unexpected issues arise. 

Corporate sponsor Fernwood is supporting the fundraising drive by offering Western Health supporters discounted gym trials throughout November and a $100 donation to the Foundation for each gym-goer who joins after the trial period.

Find out more on the Western Health Foundation website.