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100 Sunshine – the untold stories of Sunshine Hospital and Western Health

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100 Sunshine – the untold stories of Sunshine Hospital and Western Health

An uplifting new website has been launched by Western Health to share the untold stories of Sunshine Hospital and Western Health.

Titled 100 Sunshine, the website contains stories of patients, staff and volunteers who take great pride in their health service and want to share their positive experiences.

Two years ago, a group of former patients of Western Health were invited to take part in an Allied Health forum.

Between them, these three patients had spent more than 18 months either in or receiving treatment through Sunshine, Western and Williamstown Hospitals.

At this forum, these patients expressed their gratitude towards the staff who had been involved in their journey to recovery and their desire to share their positive stories of good care. However, they felt they had no outlet for their expression of that experience.

This is at the heart of how the 100 Sunshine project emerged.

Over the last two years these stories, along with many more, have been collected and the people central to those stories have been photographed.

"Many patients who have shared their stories attribute their care to anywhere from 10 to more than 100 staff, when they have experienced an extended stay or repeated episodes of care," Western Health Chief Executive, Associate Professor Alex Cockram said.

"This means that several thousand staff and many volunteers have been a part of the experiences reflected in 100 Sunshine.

"The 100 Sunshine project is one of the greatest tributes we could pay to our patients and their families, to our staff and our volunteers.

 "It reflects the importance of working together to make each person's experience of care as good as it can possibly be," A/Prof Cockram added.

In conjunction with the recent Open Sunshine Community Day at Sunshine Hospital, Western Health officially launched the 100 Sunshine website.

The many patients, staff and volunteers who have told their stories as part of the 100 Sunshine project gathered in the Western Centre for Health Research and Education building at Sunshine Hospital to celebrate the official launch.   

To view the 100 Sunshine website, visit