Clinic nameBreast Cancer Service
Head of Unit

Ms Meron Pitcher
Dr Catherine Oakman

Clinic Description

Click here for a detailed description of this clinic within the cancer services web pages

Referral guidelines

Signs and symptoms

  • Breast lump or mass

  • Changes in breast shape or size

  • Nipple discharge that occurs without squeezing

  • Other nipple changes

  • Skin changes on breast

  • Axillary mass or palpable axillary lymph nodes

  • Breast pain

  • Weight loss

Please also include, if present:

  • Relevant past medical history

  • Family history of breast, ovarian or other cancer

  • Symptoms or signs to suggest metastatic disease


  • Ultrasound

  • Bilateral mammogram if patient is > 35 years of age

Please instruct the patient to bring breast imaging films/disk to their clinic appointment. Please note, digital images cannot be accessed by the WH IT platform.

Further information available in the Western Health Breast Cancer Referral Guidelines

Inclusion criteria

Any patient with symptoms indicating a suspicion of breast cancer.

Exclusion criteria

Patients with other (non-cancer like) breast symptoms may be appropriate for the breast surgical clinic. Refer to separate clinic guidelines.  

Red flags – Refer directly to ED if:

Any concerns about IMMEDIATE patient safety and management

How to refer

MBS patients are bulk billed. Referrals need to be to the named Head of Unit.

See here for information on how to refer and general contact information.

Fax referrals to 8345 6856

Contact for referral queries

Breast Surgical Registrar via switch on 8345 6666

Breast care nursing team on 83456896 (BH Monday to Friday)

For general enquiries:
Phone: 03 8345 6490, Fax: 03 8345 6856