Clinic nameGynaecology
Head of UnitDr Rupert Sherwood
Dr Rupert Sherwood
Dr Midia Alias (Gynaecology, colposcopy)
Dr Robin Burr (Gynaecology)
Dr Oliver Daly (Urogynaecologist)
Dr Michael Gronow (Fertility)
Dr Reena Jacob (Gynaecology)
Dr Preeti Khillan (Colposcopy, general gynaecology)
Dr Thao Le (Gynaecology)
Dr Lauren de Luca  (gynaecology)
Dr Samuel Mathew (Fertility, colposcopy and gynaecology)
Dr Sarah McClusky (OASIS and general gynaecology)
Dr Clare Myers (Minimally invasive surgery)
Dr Trach Pham (Gynaecology)
Dr Jyoti Sharma (Gynaecology, colposcopy)
A/Prof Glyn Teale (Gynaecology, colposcopy)
Clinic Description

The Gynaecology Service at Western Health offers:

  • General gynaecology
  • Triaging and referral to RWH of gynaecological oncology (pending a replacement for gynaecology oncology subspecialist)
  • Colposcopy and management and cervical dysplasia
  • Urogynaecology, Continence, Urodynamics and Advanced Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
  • Endoscopic gynaecology unit with colorectal collaboration – includes complex endometriosis management
  • Fertility and contraception
  • OASIS follow-up (gynaecologist and physiotherapist)
Inclusion criteria

Referrals to the Western Health Gynaecology Service must include:

  • a detailed history
  • examination
  • relevant investigations as per the Gynaecology Referral Guidelines 
Exclusion criteriaPlease refer to the Western Health Gynaecology Referral Guidelines  for details regarding those conditions that either do not require specialist referral, or are not offered by the Western Health Gynaecology Service.
Minimum investigation/clinical information required for triage

Click here for the list of minimum investigations for Gynaecology Referrals.
Please note:
Referrals that do not contain the minimum investigations outlined above will be returned with a request for more information.

Referrals that are:

  1. Returned for additional information,
  2. Rejected or
  3. Triaged to routine with a suggested management plan

     will be copied to the patient to facilitate follow-up with the referring GP for further management.

     Please refer to Melbourne HealthPathways at for guidance in assessing, managing and referring for patient conditions. 

     Western Health Referral Template
Contact details for referrals Women's Clinic  
Ph 8345 1727
Fax 9055 2125
Contact for Urgent Referrals

Gynaecology Registrar via switchboard ph 8345 6666
Gynaecology Liaison RN  - 9055 3103