On a typical day at Western Health, 350 patients attend one of our three Emergency Departments, with a quarter of those patients being children.

When children arrive in our Emergency Departments with a fracture, an accurate diagnosis is needed, and needed fast. A child’s fracture, with their softer bones, can be as thin as a human hair, making it very difficult to detect. 

Sending a child for a CT scan or x-ray can result in a delayed diagnosis and discomfort for both child and parent. There is also a possibility that a hairline fracture can go undetected. However, advancements in ultrasound technology have now resulted in the development of a Portable Ultrasound Kiosk that can uncover the ‘invisible’ fractures not easily detected by a CT scan or x-ray. 

This high definition ultrasound scanner reduces the need for a CT scan or x-ray and allows our doctors to detect the exact location and severity of a fracture, meaning the child is able to receive appropriate treatment immediately, therefore minimizing their level of pain and discomfort. 

Some benefits of having a Portable Ultrasound Kiosks are:
•    a child could receive a quicker and more accurate diagnosis
•    a child could receive immediate treatment
•    a child could spend less time in the Emergency Department

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Patient Story

When Lucy arrived at the Emergency Department at Sunshine Hospital with a suspected fracture, she was experiencing a considerable amount of pain due to her injury. Needing to determine the exact location of the break or fracture; she was immediately sent to radiology for a scan. Unfortunately, radiology was extremely busy that day so Lucy had a longer than normal wait time. Once scanned, the doctor was given the results and Lucy was then treated for her fracture.

This situation is all too common, but could have been very different had our Emergency Department had access to a Portable Ultrasound Kiosk.

"Lucy went through a lot of discomfort during the time it took to exactly locate the fracture” said Lucy’s mother Joanne. “Had this portable scanner been available, Lucy could have gone through a lot less pain…and as a mother, that’s all you want for your child.”

Joanne and her family have shared their story to help Western Health raise vital funds so that they can continue providing the best care for other children, like Lucy.

We feel very lucky that Lucy’s injury didn't turn out to be more serious, but it could have been. After hearing about this new ultrasound machine, we realised how much of a difference a scanner like this could make…and we wanted to help. We feel it’s time to give back, so that other children can receive the very best care with the very best equipment.”

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