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Midwifery Refresher Program

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Midwifery Refresher Program

Midwifery Refresher Program commencing 29th October 2018

Western Health is excited to run its second Midwifery Refresher program to support Midwives back into the acute setting, if you know anyone that may wish to return to work that have been out of the acute setting and would benefit from a supported program to gain back confidence and skills let them know to contact Cara Kennedy email: [email protected] for further information regarding the program or visit our page at Nursing and Midwifery

Program Structure

Week 1:3: Induction Period of the Program (This period is unpaid).

The Induction Period comprises of six theorectical and practical study days in conjunction with six supernumerary days located across the birthing continuum. The supernumerary days will take place in Antenatal Clinic, Pregnancy Day Stay Unit, Pregnancy Care Centre, Birthing and the Maternity Units.

Week 4-7: Clinical Component of the Program (This period is paid at 0.8 EFT).

The Clinical Component consists of gaining experience in a supernumerary capacity, working towards reverse supernumerary until a full workload is established. Participants will be allocated a maximum of 1-2 preceptors in order to facilitate continuity and promote a positive learning environment. Two weeks will be in Birthing and the other two weeks will be in the Maternity Unit. Indirect supervision will be provided from the Clinical Education Team whilst the participants assume a full patient workload